Sunday, 11 December 2011

Food is not Grub!!!

Many of my friends have ventured into the world of blogging and I follow their adventures with avid interest.  So I decided to join the blogging world with my own!  One is supposed to blog about what one is passionate about.  Over the past couple of years I have become more and more passionate about FOOD!  So many flavors, smells, and textures to why make the same ol' grub! 

Do you know what a grub is?  A small juicy, slime filled bug that eats rotting wood.......So why oh why do we call what we put into our bodies......GRUB!!!  Food is to be nutritious (most of the time) and flavorable - a coming together of family and friends as part of your day to savor the goodness that the world has to offer.
 I think every passionate cook has their "Julia Child" moment where they come to realize that food is amazing....Her's was over a flavorful fish dish called Sole Meuniere she experienced upon arriving in France in 1948.  Mine....A romantic dinner at  Le Creprie in Edmonton.  David and I dined on a wonderful mushroom appetizer made with a most wonderful Gruyere cheese and smoked salmon.  Followed by a Lamb shank dish with a most rich gravy.  Of course we paired our food with a good red wine.  It was after eating this wonderful meal that I became interested in what I was preparing for my family.  Was it something just boiled or fried and plopped on a plate?  NO!  NO! NO! 

I began watching the Food Network avidly and trying our some of the dishes the chefs prepared. Not so easy. But my husband noticed a marked improvement in my cooking.  I started marinating things, pairing meat and fruit, serving wine with meals and taking care in presentation!  And what a difference!  What an enjoyment.  I have begun to collect cook books and surf the web for recipes to try.  So many to try....not enough time.  So my family and friends get to enjoy my trials and errors. (yep- some not so great combos)  But my journey in the culinary world has caused me to think, and act....No more GRUB!  It's called Lunch and Supper (or dinner if you prefer)  And its not meant to be rushed and plopped.   It is meant to be presented and enjoyed, even if it is Kraft Dinner.  So I hope you enjoy my blog and you can journey with me as I try new foods, and preparations, and have some triumphs, and trials.   So as Julia would say....Bon Appitet!!!


  1. Yay!! I'll be reading!! Good job!

  2. Love the title!! So excited about this venture. Maybe you'll inspire me to try some new and exciting things with my picky crew.

    Congratulations and happy blogging. :-)

  3. PS I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post with the a side of Shiraz and Triple Cheese Kettle Chips!