Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Smoking is good for you!!!

OK, OK, Smoking cigarettes is bad for you but that is not what I am talking about here!!  Nor am I talking about what your oven does when you forget that you had one last batch of cookies in there and forgot to set the timer......

I am talking about the wondrous flavor of smoke in foods like cheeses, meats, and fish!  My husband and I have recently begun a foray into the world of exotic cheeses.  When I say exotic that means anything beyond the proccessed cheese slice and that kind you can peel.... Our favorites so far have included an amazing apple wood smoked chedder and a smoked Gruyere.  We have paired these cheeses with a wonderful pinot noir jelly or just munched on it with crackers and a good bold red. (Shiraz has been a favorite lately)  But the SMOKINESS of the cheese is what is amazing!  The flavor the wood adds is bold and intense...making all other cheese seem bland. 

Then there is smoked meats and fish.  We love to buy smoked maple salmon nuggets.  Like smoky candy it is!  I would love to try this on some baguette with goat cheese, but alas it rarely makes it to the bread.  Our family loves it.  We also enjoy the local butcher shop's offerings of smoked sausages, pepperonis, and cold cuts.  When you drive down town of our little northern Albertan town and smell that smoke house smell of hard woods like hickory and apple, along with the meaty goodness you just gotta have some!!! 

I think it would be fun to have a smoker....(don't know if there are any by-laws about that in town) but my father in law has a large one that he hasn't had much time to use.....Hmmmmm.....I think its time to fire up ol Bessie!!!  I would love to smoke some beef and pork to make some of those southern pulled pork sandwiches and beef on the bun.  I think a trip to speak to the butcher about what a "brisket" is, is in order.  My husband also has the talent of making sausages. They are soo good.  I think we should try some in the smoker.  I think its time to do some baking to sweet talk my father in law into letting me at his smoker!!  Smoking is good!!!! At least it tastes good!


  1. You've made me laugh and salivate!! Keep your eye open for Balderson's Smoked White Cheddar at Costco--sometimes they have it at Christmas. It's a good deal and amazing with Shiraz. :-)

    Keep cookin' and writin'!

    Love ya!

  2. You're so right--smokiness can be just plain good! I've recently enjoyed some smoked jalapeno pepper cheese from Costco, putting it in a meatloaf! Keith was overjoyed! What do you do with your open bottles of wine?

  3. We have some special stoppers that we use and we finish the bottle in a couple of days. I also use it in cooking. Add some to cassaroles, stirfrys, and to de-glaze any meat. Yummy!