Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Egg in the hole

So I have had a revelation!!!!!!  I was perusing one of my favourite foodie blogs....P-Dub....and I came upon a post about an "Egg in the Hole"....My curiosity was piqued.

  What was this hole with an egg in it?

 So I continued on reading and discovered that this dish was going to revolutionize my "in a hurry, need a quick meal that will satisfy my family and doesn't come in a blue box....I made it and the fellows enjoyed it immensely.  I phoned my mom and told her about these "egg hole thingys"  She informed me that I ate them as a child......oh....

Why didn't I remember these little gems?  Well, I know about them NOW!  Many of you may be shaking your heads at me thinking.....I've been making these for YEARS Roselyn!!!.  Or maybe you have never heard of them.  They do go by other names...Eggs in the basket for one....

So here is the simple recipe.  For those who knew about them...make them again for nostalgia's sake....For those who didn't know about them....GO BUY SOME EGGS AND BREAD AND MAKE THESE!!!

Eggs in the Hole

You need: 

Salt and Pepper

First you take your bread and using a cookie cutter or even a glass make "the hole".

I am apparently too strong for my cookie cutter....

Then ya melt some butter in a pan

Place holey bread in melted butter and.......

Crack in the egg.  Let fry for a minute.  Don't forget to put the circle  piece of bread in to fry as it will be a tasty dipper.

Flip over and fry the other side.  Salt and pepper as desired. Cook another minute or so until bread is golden.  

Then Eat up!!!  Such a REVELATION!!!

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