Thursday, 22 November 2012

Vintage Reflections

This past September we witnessed the passing of a dear lady in our family, Granny Wiggins.  She was a sweet, wonderful lady full of spunk and vim, but also kindness, generosity and lots of love.  She will be greatly missed.

Recently we were able to choose a few items of hers as keepsakes to remember her by.  As I made a few choices I was drawn to some of her cookery items.  Granny Wiggins was a simple but GOOD cook.  I loved how Christmas was always a grand affair with her china laid out, everyone sharing the buffet.  Linda had a wonderful coleslaw which I will be making this Christmas - tangy sweet with a peppery flavor.  Yummy!  She'd sit down after grace and say, "Let's eat this grub!"

I have been reflecting about Granny this past week as I have been cleaning up and using her special cookery items.

On the left is a fish spatula.  I just thought it was a cool looking spatula.  I used it for cookie and eggs so far.  But it totally makes sense that it is for fish-frying....:)  The second item is a meat tenderiser.  Linda was a beef farmer and I bet she used this to tenderise some of her meat.  The cook book I found was covered in grease splatters and hand writing.  I loved finding this.  A book Linda used through the years to provide delicious and wholesome food for her family.  The apron was made in 1964 - never worn.  Linda wasn't an apron kinda lady....but she loved to sew.  This lovely memento is definitely a keepsake for me.

  This is the coolest flour bin ever!!!  I have always admired it when at Linda's house.  My husband has been complaining that our flour isn't in a protective container.  So when we were able to have this we both smiled....the needed flour protector and a cool keepsake from Granny Wiggins.  I never thought Linda was a huge baker, but man did she have me fooled.  Every once in a while she'd bring out one of her AMAZING Lemon Jelly Rolls.  SOOO GOOD!  I haven't the courage to try a jelly roll yet.  Someday.  :)

Anyways,  I am not a profound writer who will send you into roars of laughter or have you shed tears.  But I thought I would just share these precious things that I have acquired that were used to make meals for a family for decades.  If you have some cookery items from generations past think about the ladies who used them to nourish their families, and create specialties for holiday dinners.  Think about the love that they poured out everyday in just doing the "everyday".



  1. Thanks for the post, Roselyn! Amazing history there. I've taken to wearing an apron--way too many stains on shirts.

  2. me too! I have like 5 now. Love them. :)