Wednesday, 3 July 2013


This past week I have been away with my little family to a reunion of sorts. A good yet sad reunion.  This past April my Grandpa George passed away at a good ol age of 94.  He was an amazing man. Generous, thankful, kind, hard working, happy and full of praise and prayer.  We were able to celebrate his life this past weekend on a bright sunny day with almost all his family.  It was beautiful to reflect on a Grandpa, Dad, and Uncle who impacted so many people.

I was surrounded by family and when families are together there is always food.  My Grandpa loved good food..... We had a big bbq and fellowshiped together and ended the night with a sing song of some of Grandpa's favorite songs and hymns.  I loved it.

Later that night my mom and sister in law Heather were together sipping on some tea and nibbling on some candies and cookies.  My Grandpa had such a sweet tooth.  He had a specific drawer that all us grand-kids knew about....and it was always full.....of hard candies, licorices and caramels.  :)  As we were visiting and reminiscing, my Mom pulled out a bag of "Toasted Marshmallow" from the Nutty Club.  This was one of my Mom's dad's favorite treats.  Now my Grandpa Ernie passed away almost 30 years ago and I didn't get to know him well, so it is always cool to hear about him.  Mom pulled out these candies and shared them around.  They were really tasty.  She said he liked them into the freezer they go!

The next day I found a couple of bags of these treats and bought one for my mom and one for me.  I have been enjoying them and thinking about how a simple treat can cause a person to remember something or someone special.  When I got home I needed to refill my cupboards and fridge and to my pleasant surprise my grocery store carries these treats...They've always been there....I just didn't "see" them.  Now I will and remember my Grandpa Ernie and a memory shared with my mom.

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