Sunday, 13 October 2013

Family Life Recipes #3 - Being Thankful for the Seen and Unseen Blessings

It's Thanksgiving up here in Canada!  The sun is shining, the air is crisp and I am extremely thankful that there is NO SNOW!  Chicken soup is simmering on the stove, pumpkin bread in the oven....prepping for the family gathering that will come.  All the while....I'm in a reflective mood.  Reflection is good....especially when its in the spirit of THANKFULNESS.

This past week has been especially busy and stressful for me.  Most of it was good stress: getting to skating lessons, swimming lessons, subbing, getting kids to school....the usual good stuff.  We also celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary and had a family photo shoot.  ALL GOOD STUFF.  Thrown in there was a bit of not so good stuff....An un-expected to deal with NOW situation....


I'm in a spirit of Thankfulness....

This week I saw God's blessings in my life.....Woven through it like a tapestry of LOVE for ME!  ME!  Even in my faults, my failures....He showered me with CARING.

I reflect on the SEEN Blessings of this week.

1.  All events were made to in good time.  The boys LOVED their first skating lessons and even started to stand up on the ice for a few seconds....(instead of swimming and licking the ice...)

2.  The week was filled with caring words, understanding, encouragement, and LOVE from my Best Friend, and Love of my Life.... My husband.

3.  On our photo shoot day:  it was forcasted miserable weather.  So I prayed, and asked my friends to pray...for this was going to be our only chance...And I was soooo looking forward to doing it.  As we drove out to our location it was cold, and drizzly....THEN...IT HAPPENED!  Sunshine, warmth, perfect lighting for our family photo shoot!  GOD answered my little prayer!  FOR ME!  Because HE cares about the little things.

4.  Friends were helpful this week and kind words sent through emails, texts, and actual  words I heard.

5.  In the Yucky situation I had.....I made it through...and provision was there....waiting...A HUGE BLESSING.  GOD KNEW what I needed!!!!!

Now, it may sound like...WOW...God will just make it all go away, or fix anything...Not so.  Yes, this week I saw HIS BLESSING.  But I know as I have muddled through situations He has also allowed me to learn through natural consequences, and prayers that may not have been answered as I thought they should.  BUT, even in these things....the UNSEEN BLESSINGS....our lives our being woven into a masterpiece...filled with threads that may be rough, or cut, or re-tied together....not always perfection.... but WOW, when we look at where we have come from, what we've been through... You always see a thread of perfection....



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