Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Chocolate Day!

To help celebrate Love Day yesterday I determined to eat chocolate with every meal! It was tough to do....ok, not really.  I do LOVE chocolate, but it is not always conducive with my plan to stay trim and slim.  But I do adore it, and on Valentine's day chocolate has NO calories.  They magically disappear!

So my morning began with a small piece of my favorite chocolate bar of all time - Lindt Excellence dark chocolate with sea salt.  So good.  You get a little saltiness in with the richness and decadence of the dark chocolate.  Love it.  I paired this with a chocolate banana Vi-shake thus making it conducive with my diet plan:)

Lunch was paired with a chocolate cookie.  AND FOR SUPPER.......Pots de Creme!!!! Oh ya baby!  My new go to dessert that will make people swoon and think you are totally amazing!  So, if you don't follow Pioneer Woman around like I is a little gem to tuck in you pocket.  You will thank me!


12 ounces of chocolate chips (In non-American world....aka Canada - a bag and a half of chocolate chips)
4 eggs
1 cup of HOT (EMPHASIS ON HOT!!!!) Coffee
1 teaspoon of vanilla
Whipping cream - for garnish.

So here's what you do....

1) In your blender place chocolate chips, followed by the 4 eggs, and teaspoon of vanilla.  Pulse a bit to incorporate.

2) Begin to blend. Open top hole of blender and pour in a slow, steady stream the HOT coffee.  (Magic happens here)

3) Pour into dessert dishes. I used small mason jars (because Pioneer Woman did and I think she is cool)

4) Cool in fridge for about 3 hours....

5) Whip up some whip cream and garnish on top and stick in a spoon....and savour that first bite.  I sure did!

So that was with supper. My evening ended with a wonderful glass of Luigi Bosca Melbac paired with....a piece of my sea salt chocolate bar...

Today's menu: SALAD and veggies........:)


  1. If only I had known yesterday that the calories didn't count!!! ;-) Can't wait to try this recipe...someday...

  2. Hehehe... today's menu...

    Yeah, I'll try that recipe some day too...

  3. Thanks for sharing, Roselyn! I have a recipe for hazelnut pots de creme but I've never tried it--think I'll have to now!