Sunday, 19 February 2012

Oh did not flee

Today being Sunday I try to resist the urge to do anything work related...aka housework, cleaning, and major cooking.  I like to make it special by not only going to church to work with my class of 4 and 5 yr olds, but to also NOT do laundry. 

But alas, today I was tempted by french cuisine once again. 

I have indulged a bit too much this past week so I was bound and determined to be a good girl and resist temptation....but I went to the website of greatest temptation...Pioneer Woman....  Since I couldn't eat I could at least read about yummy food...

But temptation won out today.  I saw a recipe I just had to give a try to.  French Onion Soup stuffed mushrooms!  They were pretty good I must say. Onions sauteed in red wine and beef broth....topped with Swiss cheese and parsley.  I swoon!  My husband was unsure of the amount of onion he was going to consume...but he did eat them quite readily.  As did I!  So much for my Vi - Shake for supper plan.  I enjoyed stuffed mushrooms and a glass of Chianti.  One of my favourite of wines. 

I had a friend convince me that the ingredients were all good for me.... I am going to go with that and not look at the amount of cheese that was sprinkled on top of my stuffer mushrooms.

Ah won out today...tomorrow I will be a good girl. I promise....oh look Pioneer Woman does an olive cheese bread.....

oh dear. 

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  1. that's the olive cheese bread I told you about when we were at your house! It's soooo yummy! both the boys loved it :)
    there is always tomorrow :)