Thursday, 9 February 2012

J - E - L - L -O!

Are we all seeing Bill Cosby in our heads as he has a cup of grape Jello dancing with a bunch of kids?  Definitely a childhood memory!  Jello....The iconic food of the 50's and 60's.  Mixed with marshmallows and fruit you have a "salad".  People even put grated veggies in it!  Crazy.... 

This month of Love I have decided to use Jello as a go to snack for the various parties my children are part of to celebrate red, pink, and purple, things and lots o candy!   My boys have never had a lot of Jello in their lives so far.  I make the occasional bowl and they play with it and eat half of it.  They like it....but the texture is a bit weird to them.  BUT, the month I am reaching for the box that jiggles to help me in my busy time.

The first Jello treat I made was Jello Jigglers.  My mom made cherry jigglers when I was in Kindergarten and I still remember that.  They were heart shaped!  I was so proud to bring them to my class to share.  So to commemorate my sons first real Valentines I made some Cherry jigglers for their play group. (not heart shaped as I wouldn't have enough)  The kids loved them....loved pulling them apart, squishing them and I think some of it made it into their mouths. All in all, it was good.  All of us moms remembered jigglers and exclaimed...gotta make those again!  I think I will too.  Try some cookie cutter shapes.

My second foray into Jellodom is going to be preparing 70 jello cups for our Friends club next week.  I believe some spray whip cream will accompany this treat.  Should be fun.

To finish off my month o' Jello.....I think I may try one of those old fashioned 1950's version with the fruit and marshmallows in it.  Too bad my Dad is in the Ukraine right now....he'd drive up to eat it.  He LOVES JELLO SALADS!

So everyone go buy a box of wiggle and jiggle.  Relive your childhood!!!!

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  1. Buy a box of wiggle and jiggle. Love it! Might have to do it just for the visual of my girls dancing around with it. :)