Saturday, 14 April 2012

DO NOT EAT THIS!!! But make it for your kids!!!

Kool - Aid Playdough

You Need:
1c flour
1/2c salt
2tbsp cream of tartar
1pkg of Koolaid
2tbsp oil
1c water

Mix all ingredients into a saucepan.

On medium heat, stirring constantly cook until a soft dough forms.  You will know it is ready when you see the dough turn opaque...(ooooh fancy word....... for dull!) Cool for a bit and form into ball.  

When all cool hand over to children to smell (it smells nice!!) BUT don't let them eat it.  Its for playing with!!


  1. My favorite playdough recipe! My hands are always "pretty" colors after I've made this... gloves might be a smart idea...

  2. My favorite thing about this recipe is that it smells good! We still like to have excuses to make this for little people (and then all my biggish people play with it!).