Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Comfort in a cup,,,, or bowl.

I am slowly emerging from the fog of a cold and flu.  I haven't had any appetite lately, which has helped the weight loss goal I want to meet this year, but really I didn't want it to happen this way.  Slowly I am looking forward to cooking again.  I've cleaned out the Christmas clutter out of the fridge and pantry ready to start anew.  What to make - Comfort - yep, in a bowl.  A nice pick me up.

Soup has always been a favourite.  I love a variety of soups, from my mom's vegetarian borscht to my sister in law's corn chowder, served with Na an bread. Yummy French Onion soup made in my new chowder bowls my husband got for me for our anniversary makes me smile while remembering that first cheesy stringy bite.  Soooo good.  I've tried my hand at pureed soups ( Cream of Broccoli), Taco soups with tortillas in it, and a full meal deal in a Garden Minestrone.   Wouldn't you laugh though, my boys favourite soup is Cream o Mushroom a la' Campbell's.  They slurp that up like no one's business.  I make my homemade soups and they look at me like "You expect me to eat that?"  Oh well, one day I may win them over.

I really enjoy making my own chicken broth with left over Sunday chicken.  So easy to make.  I wonder why more people don't make their own broth.  It uses the whole bird , smells wonderful, and tastes way better than any store bought variety.  I love smelling the earthy thyme, spicy pepper and the chickeny chicken.  Julia Child always said that chicken should taste chickeny.  I agree. I've discovered the holy trinity of carrots, onions, and celery  (aka Mirapoit) flavor the broth amazingly.  So simple in ingredients.  Add chicken, more carrots, onion and celery and spaghetti noodles and you have a bowl your grandma would be proud to call her own.   Just smelling it makes me feel better.   That is how I feel about a bowl of homemade chicken soup - comfort and restoration in a bowl.  

I think its "thyme" to make a pot.......:)


  1. MMMmmmmm... I LOVE soup, too! I went through a phase where I made a new kind of soup every day... until Kelly pleaded with me for something else.

    It's been a while now though... ;)

  2. love it! makes me want to make soup :)

  3. When I read your blog I just want to come over to your house and eat!! :-)