Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Snack Lady

I have started a new venture this week.  I am a snack lady!  Our church is blessed with a thriving children's ministry that reaches out to our small community!  Loving kids by teaching them out the One who loves us!!  My job....feed the kiddos!

Every Tuesday for the rest of this winter and spring "Friends" club happens in our church basement.  60 kids coming straight from the school across the street and they are HUNGRY!   Ladies in our church and community have signed up to make a healthy snack and a sweet treat for each week.  (I'm signed up for Valentines week...heehee. Pink cupcakes....:) My job is to prep what is brought for each week and serve the kids with a smile and a howdy do!  I love it!

This week it was a reminder of how the kitchen works and where everything is and the such.  I was so happy for my friend Amy to be their to help.  THANKS AMY!!!!  We chopped oranges and cut sprinkle covered yummy Rice Krispy Squares!  At 3: 20 the kids started arriving.  They ooohed and aahhhed over their snacks and joined their group leaders.  It was a great start to the year.  :)

I am the SNACK LADY....but I won't wear a hairnet....sorry.

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