Friday, 27 January 2012

I Embraced the Pot Roast

You know....every so often...ok...not so every so often....but on that rare time when the stars are in alignment all your cooking in one day turns out.  For me, that was today.

This past week I have been immersing myself in the "Pioneer Woman's" blog.  It has been amazing!!!  Ree Drummond is speaking my cooking language.  On Tuesday I made her Bruschetta.  It was so amazing my husband pronounced Yummy, and he want's to have it again and again!  (hint...butter and bread and a hot skillet....makes all the difference! shhh)  Then today I embraced the pot roast.

I am like any woman with lots of things to do. I throw a roast in the slow cooker and cross my fingers.  For the most part they are ok...even good.  BUT THIS POT ROAST......amazing.  Ree said to embrace it and I did.  It gave me a great big bear hug back...(ok, I know that was cheesy)

Totally go to her website to receive the step by step, picture by picture explanation to this wondrous meal.  It is so worth the look.  I will highlight a few of the techniques that will leave my poor slowcooker  crying "where are the roasts....they are gone..."(once again...cheesy..I know)

It begins with a hot pan with olive oil in it.  Brown half cut onions and carrots in said skillet. Secondly, season the meat WELL.  A good amount of salt and pepper.  Then sear the meat in the skillet after the vegetables.  Next is the de-glazing.  1 cup of beautiful red wine poured over the browned bits left in the pan from the meat and veggies.  Scrape the pan while the wine bubbles. 

Ok, assembly.  In roaster, put meat, veggies, de-glazing wine, 1 cup of beef broth and some rosemary and thyme.  YYYUUUMMMM!!  Cover.  Here is the key.  It's in the temperature.  275 F.  for about 3 or 4 hrs (depending on size of meat)  Don't peak, just inhale the beautiful aroma that will fill you home.  When done, the meat will literally fall to pieces.  Serve with mashed potatoes.  ***Did you notice there were no potatoes in the recipe... Potatoes taste mealy and kinda not the greatest when done with meat.  I just boiled some tiny spuds and served with.  DYNAMITE BABY!!  My whole family enjoyed the meal  a lot.  My poor brother in law missed out as he had a prior engagement.  But I bet he would have wished he was eating with us!

So I embraced the Pot Roast.....Such a great hug it was!

p.s.  I made some killer boiled chocolate/peanut butter cookies as well.  The stars were working for me. Alas, tomorrow everything may burn...who knows.

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